Wake Up

by Brand The Planet

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Freedom's not conditional, you can't be a little bit free
It's more than criminal, see what you see on TV
It's not the truth, it's colored, painted to hide the proof
It's tainted, I call it fabrication, they call it news
You don't need opinions, they'll make 'em for you
If it's lame they dramatize it, if it's crucial they make it bore you
And that's if they report it, if they think it's important
Keep the basis on a need to know, ignorance is predisposed
You don't know the half of it, that's something hard to swallow
When what you know as real could be a fairy tale tomorrow
Conspiracies, striking so much fear in me
Because it's clear to see that there is probably more lying than there appears to be

Just wake up, just wake up
Just wake up, just wake up
Just wake up, just wake up
Just wake up, just wake up

No you can't be deceived, or they'll have you believe
Your eyes won't falter you, no it's impossible
Just do your civic duty, and watch your television
and soak up all you're given, they give you their permission
So while you watch and learn, they won't do squat but earn
They'll sell you all these dreams, if you just wait your turn
Land of the WHAT?! Come on, land of the free to serve
Land of the free to be, homeless and on the curb
Tired of being screwed, excuse me for being lewd
But for the past few years I've been in this shitty mood
They say that I'm too angry for me to be this young
But I say fuck that noise, you're not angry enough

Just wake up, just wake up
Just wake up, just wake up
Just wake up, just wake up
Man, wake the fuck up


released March 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Brand The Planet Denton, Texas

Emcee: Lonnie Clark
Guitar/Vocals: Alex Adams
Bass: Josh Reeves
Keys/Cello/Vocals: Naomi Clinton
Drums: James Sawyer

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